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last year
Drunk roadkill
Photo Cred: desert-snail
roadkill raven


Fig. IX. The mouth and the teeth. 1880.
Thank you. And now ladies and gentlemen let’s blaze it.

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Anonymous asked:
so jealous that you got to spend a night w the growlers!! how did that happen? And did you end up doing anything?? ;)

My friend Juno and I went to a concert that was sold out and I knew someone at the show that knew The Growlers so he introduced us to them and asked them to put us on the guest list and we got in. We made friends with the photographer/merch guy and hung out with him and The Growlers after the show and then they invited us to their tour bus and we drank and shot the shit for a while. After that they said we could stay with them at their hotel so we went back and drank more and then my friend passed out in the tour van with the merch guy and I cuddled with Matt Taylor and passed the fuck out. There was too many people in the room too do much, we were sharing a bed with another guy too hahah  

I hot boxed an airplane, what did you do with your night? 


You don’t shower for days, maybe weeks, maybe more. You might get stuck out in the cold, or worse, the heat. You might not eat for a day or two because you just get unlucky. You might be stuck waiting for a train or a hitch for hours, maybe a couple days. You might busk all day and make 10 bucks total, if that. You might get arrested or fined. But at the end of the day you’ll still look a side of life in the face that no one can even imagine. You’ll hold an experience that you will never ever forget. That will literally change you.
Because the people you meet and the places you go and sticking through the hard times and celebrating the good times and living life the way it’s supposed to be fucking lived… when you live life that way.. the right way, in some’s opinion… You’ll never be depressed again. Long as there’s a railroad nearby.